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    This Tiny Dublin Apartment Was On The Market For €800 A Month

    It's a couple of bunkbeds above a bathroom, but at least it's got lots of natural light.

    Looking for an apartment in downtown Dublin? Don't mind sleeping above a toilet on some bunkbeds? This is the property for you.

    The studio flat, at 59 South Richmond Street, was available for €800 a month (£641) but the landlord says the flat was let on Monday and has been let out consistently for the last few years.

    The listing has been taken down by the letting agent but thankfully the pictures can still be seen via Google's cache, so we can get an idea of what a two-bed studio flat goes for these days in the Irish capital.

    The advert says it's "a large spacious double studio,with an unusual design suitable for 2 people".

    There is at least space for a kitchenette and a tiny table.

    "This studio is quite big and bright and catches the sun in the evening," the ad said.

    For a comparison, this tiny flat in London was on the market for £737 earlier this month.

    But technically, it only had one bed, not two.

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