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    Taylor Swift Wants To Trademark The Phrase "This Sick Beat"

    She's registered a whole bunch of other phrases from her "1989" album too.

    If you ever launch a product or write a song featuring the phrase "this sick beat", you might be getting a call from Taylor Swift's lawyers, because she's just applied to register it as a trademark.

    As Vox pointed out, Swift has applied for a list of phrases from her 1989 album to be trademarked, mainly related to their use in merchandising. The full list is here, at the Justia US trademark database.

    It's a defensive move designed to stop retailers and clothes manufacturers cashing in on her success with knock-off products featuring lyrics and song titles.

    So if you want to make a T-shirt with "this sick beat" on it, you could now get a cease-and-desist letter and lawsuit for your trouble.

    Other phrases Swift's people want to trademark include "Party like it's 1989".

    "Cause we never go out of style".

    "Could show you incredible things".

    And "Nice to meet you. Where you been?"

    There was no application for "Shake It off".

    And it's not just T-shirts: The applications cover everything from skin cream to Christmas stockings. Applications for "party like it's 1989" would prohibit anyone from putting the phrase on:

    Musical instruments; accessories for musical instruments; guitars; guitar accessories; guitar picks; guitar straps; drumsticks; paper products; printed products; printed publications; stationery; stickers; decals; decalcomanias (whatever the hell they are); removable tattoo transfers; all-purpose carrying bags; bags; handbags; backpacks; totes; shopping bags; luggage; luggage accessories; wallets; key wallets, home décor; furniture; containers; pillows; cushions; frames; mirrors; ornaments; wind chimes...

    ...deep breath, we're not done yet...

    ...beverageware; glassware; dinnerware; disposable dinnerware; tableware; cookware; kitchenware; household utensils; lanyards; straps; cloth bags; canvas bags; storage bags; kitchen linens; table linen; bath linens; bed linen; household linen; pot holders; towels; beach towels; blankets; throws; wigs; ribbons; bean bags; Christmas tree ornaments; suncare products; non-medicated skin cream...and many more.

    So, short version: Maybe don't be tempted to make your own Taylor Swift merchandise.