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This Parcel Company Has The Weirdest Corporate Mascot Imaginable

Parcel Pete is the stuff of nightmares.

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But unlike other businesses, offers us glimpses into his life through its Vine account. Here he exercises, alone, silently.

Here we see him paraded around a deathly quiet office as part of some of sinister ritual.

Here he dances silently, except for strange one-second bursts of sound, which remind him of happier times.

Here he plays football. Alone.

Here, he embarrasses himself in front of his only friend.

Here, his masters make him dance to jolly Irish music while they mock him with images of his own face. His smiling features hide the terror in his heart.

Finally, the tables turn and Pete is able to lock his tormentors in the back of his van – but they launch a surprise attack.

Unable to take any more, Pete removes his head to end the pain.

RIP, Pete.

Pete and iPostParcels have responded with this Vine.