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    Now There's An Incredibly Easy Way To Turn A YouTube Video Into A GIF

    Now you can impress your friends on the internet too. H/T TechCrunch.

    You like animated GIFS, right?

    Ever wanted a quick and easy way to make them that doesn't involve fancy software or dodgy online converters? THERE IS A WAY.

    Just write "gif" before the YouTube bit of the web address on any YouTube video and it will take you to You could of course just go to GIFYouTube and enter the URL of the video. But that doesn't sound as fun. So ...



    You just enter the start time for the bit of the video you want to GIFify and choose a length (between five and 10 seconds).

    Beware, it can take ages to create your GIF. Just refresh the page once it's done. Also, music videos don't tend to work at all (as I just found out).

    But it does work and it's a handy little tool for amateur GIF-makers out there.

    Enjoy it before some kind of copyright-related row sees it taken down.

    And that is your mind blown.

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