This Guy's Kids Interrupting His Serious BBC Interview Is Just The Best

    Wait for the bit when the baby turns up.

    You know that feeling when you're doing a super-serious interview about the South Korean president being impeached and THIS happens?

    So this just happened on @BBCWorld - Love the kids! @Robert_E_Kelly

    It was all going so well. In the interview on the BBC News Channel on Friday morning Robert E. Kelly, a professor of political science at Pusan National University, looked serious, there was a serious-looking map in the background, and he was talking serious foreign policy stuff.

    But then...uh oh: "I think one of your children has just walked in."


    Then the kids are ushered away and everyone carries on like normal as if nothing happened.

    Later on Twitter, the professor asked whether this is the kind of thing "that goes 'viral' and gets weird".

    @David_Waddell What would that mean, please? Re-broadcasting it on BBC TV, or just here on Twitter? Is this kinda t…

    Yes. Yes it is.