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This Dog Just Crashed A Tractor After Taking It For A Joyride

Don the border collie is not qualified to drive.

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This is Don the border collie. If he looks a bit sheepish, it's because he just took his owner's tractor for a spin.

Mark Sutherland / SWNS

Don’s owner, farmer Tom Hamilton of Kirkton Farm in south Lanarkshire, was tending to a lamb when his dog climbed into the tractor and leant on the accelerator.

Mark Sutherland, / Mark

Don then trundled out of the field and crashed through this fence and onto the M74, landing in the central reservation.

Mark Sutherland / SWNS

That led to one of weirdest traffic reports of modern times.

#M74 (N) J13-RTC due to dog taking control of tractor... nope, not joking. Farmer&police at scene,vehicle in central res. #maycausetailbacks

#M74 (N) at J13 - Route is CLEAR from earlier incident & dog is fine. Has to be the weirdest thing we have ever reported! No delays in area

But thankfully the dog was OK.

@iainpope73 As far as we know the dog is fine. Route also moving well with no delays :) Thanks Iain! Bex.

It's certainly brightened up some people's days.

@trafficscotland It had to be done ...

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