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8 Genuinely Awful Tattoos That Were Saved By Ingenious Fixes

This is exactly why you should not get a tattoo while drunk. All these are from E4's Tattoo Fixers.

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Annie wanted to get an artistic Gothic tattoo on her leg of a "half-dead lady" with part of the skull exposed, but instead what she got looked more like someone with a black eye. She said she was "devastated" with the result and was happy to get it changed.


A holiday bet cost Doug dearly. While away with his friends, he challenged a woman working in a bar him and his mates were in to a game of pool, under the condition that he'd get a kiss if he won or a tattoo of her choice if he lost. Of course, he lost.

The victorious woman drew the smiley face around his nipple and he went to get it tattooed permanently.

He told Channel 4's Tattoo Fixers: "I went back to show her and although she was impressed – I still didn't get the girl!"

James, a huge fan of Courtney Love's Hole, wanted a tattoo of a baby doll in homage to one of the band's most famous songs. He was even offered the tattoo for free from a friend. But it didn't go according to plan and it ended up looking "more like a zombie baby than a porcelain baby doll".


Edd had perhaps the worst tattoo experience of them all: He got a penis inked on his leg by his best mate without knowing about it. The pair "got wasted", he told the programme, and decided on a smiley face design.

"While having it done I felt something that wasn't quite right, the motion of it wasn't quite smiley-facey," he told the programme. "I tried to look down but he just wouldn't let me. When I looked down I could just not believe it. For fuck's sake! He's drawn something disgusting on my leg."

At the time, getting his girlfriend's face tattooed on his arm seemed like a good idea. But then they broke up.

Ryan said he wanted the tattoo changed to make his friends stop taking the mickey and to further his modelling career.


When Sophie got a tattoo one drunken night she hoped her identical twin Polly would follow suit and get the same one. But when Polly saw it she thought it was "wonky, hippy shit" and wouldn't get it done "even if I was smashed". The pair were happy to finally get something they both liked inked on their arms.

(Fun fact: The pair first became famous aged 12 in the BBC adaptation of the Home Farm Twins books.)

Tattoo Fixers is on E4 on Tuesdays at 10pm and can be seen now online.