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This's Man's Snapchat Art Of Ordinary People Is Incredible

This is how to liven up your commute.

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If you ever want to liven up your journey to work or to the shops, why not try turning your fellow commuters into art using the magic of Snapchat?

That's what Norwegian graphic designer Geir Ove Pedersen has been doing for the last few months through the @geeohsnap account on Instagram and Snapchat.

He's been turning "random people" in supermarkets and on trains into fantastical cartoon scenes.

Pedersen, from Kristiansand in south Norway, tells BuzzFeed News: "It all started in a airport while I was waiting for a plane. I was checking out the app Snapchat on my smartphone."

He says:

I took a picture of an unsuspecting person and with some creative doodles I gave him a whole new story. The picture was sent to some friends of mine and the response from them was really good.

And from there the alias geeohsnap was born. In the jungle of selfies found online I started this project to make something completely different and to make everyone who saw my Snapchat art smile.

Pedersen says that the people he snaps don't know they're part of his smartphone-based art.

"No one knows about it. So in that way the images are 100% natural and not staged. It's more fun this way!" he says,

"At first, some of the images can be quite boring without the doodles and then it's all up to me to make them more creative and interesting."

"You have to think different and smart to make it work," he says. "Since the limited possibillities with the drawing tool."

"It think it also helps with my background as an illustrator. Being creative and understanding shapes, shadings and perspective."

"I see more and more people are inspired to draw in Snapchat. And some are also quite good at it, so I think we will see more Snapchat artists in the future."

Patrick Smith is a senior reporter for BuzzFeed News and is based in London.

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