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    23 Things That Could Only Ever Happen In Edinburgh

    Street performers, demon dwarves, and invisibility cloaks. What a place.

    1. When someone advertised for women who like gingers.

    2. When someone was greeted with this artistic rock formation at the top of Arthur's Seat.

    3. When Captain Dan the Demon Dwarf's Fringe show went a bit wrong.

    4. This chappie.

    5. This hopeful Fringe performer.

    RT @johnscottcomedy: Just saw an Oxbridge drama student flyering a homeless guy. That better be an uplifting show. #onlyinedinburgh

    6. That time some students went on a tea crawl.

    7. This touching bench dedication.

    8. This truly bizarre nightclub toilet policy.

    9. When this woman dressed as a rabbit and got in a rabbit hutch.

    10. This high-visibilty kilt.

    11. This hilarious sign outside a Fringe show.

    12. The licence plate (and website address) on this waste management truck.

    13. This entirely reasonable response to a health warning in a chippy window.

    14. This "husband day care centre".

    15. Whiskey-flavoured condoms.

    16. This pub that isn't messing about when it comes to drinking.

    17. This epic shop name battle.

    18. When someone wrapped up a car and a bin for some reason.

    19. And this postbox.

    20. When someone had a picnic dressed as a giraffe.

    21. When a tourist strapped a dog to his back.

    22. This delightful and helpful parking advice.

    23. When there was an interpretive dance routine featuring a penis and a vagina.