25 Things That Could Only Ever Happen In Manchester

Oh Manchester, so much to answer for,” especially judging by the #onlyinmanchester hashtag.

1. Only in Manchester can you get a pie butty.

(Just like this).

2. Nowhere else are people not entirely sure if a feast of meat contains meat.

3. If you don’t like the weather, wait a bit.

4. People here come up with all kinds of solutions to life’s problems.

5. Whatever they might be.

My colleague just told me about a 44 year old man he knows who lives in a tent in his mate's back garden. #lol #fact #onlyinmanchester

— Mucky Minds (@muckyminds)

6. It’s a city where shirtless men carry furry animals.

Just saw a bloke with no shirt on walking through Piccadilly Gardens holding a bunny rabbit #onlyinmanchester

— Chris Farrell (@ChrisJFarrell)

7. Where fitness AND hygiene matter.

Just saw a guy riding a bike whilst brushing his teeth #Weird #OnlyInManchester

— Bethany Grace (@BethGraceCallan)

8. It’s a place where you can have a good time, no matter who you are.

Incredible. RT @Matthew_Tweet: I am witnessing a drag queen havin sex with someone with no arms in a wheelchair. #NoJoke #OnlyInManchester

— Will (@WillMcHoebag)

9. Only in Manchester would nobody mock you for eating a Pot Noodle on a bus.

Oh dear god did a girl just seriously get on the bus eating a pot noodle #OnlyInManchester

— kyle cryne (@KyleCryne)

10. Only here do people share the things that matter.

#OnlyInManchester Guy1: you have any gum? Guy2: no but I have a strawberry condom? Guy1: That'll do yeah thanks I want something to chew on

— Beki (@smocktofrock)

11. And provide sage advice whenever it’s needed.

Priceless... #OnlyInManchester

— Toby Hinchcliffe (@tobyhinc)

12. Mancunians are proud people. Some of them dress like chickens.

a car just drove past me and the person in the front sear was wearing a full on chicken costume #onlyinmanchester

— sophie ✌ ϟ (@xsophiebrown_)

13. Everyone has their own favourite story about the “backwards-kneed skateboard whistle midget”.

I've missed the backwards-kneed skateboard whistle midget. #OnlyInManchester

— Kev Robinson (@KevsXe)

15. Only in Manchester do people create menus that have as much value but as little sense as this.

16. Only here do the rats serenade you as you shop.

Dancing rats... #onlyinmanchester

— Martin Pong (@MartinPong)

17. Mancunians take sporting failure with such good humour.

There is a game at old Trafford tomorrow night as the sign tells me.. #onlyinmanchester

— gazbo (@gazzabwfc)

18. Well, most of the time.

19. But they take rivalries so very seriously.

Rivalry at it's very best !! #onlyinmanchester

— ANDREW NUTTER (@nutsfood)

20. And show real passion.

Just seen a naked city fan with his bollocks on top of the sun roof and a city flag painted on his face #onlyinmanchester

— Jordan Clark (@Clarksy16)

21. Manchester is a place where bread is hung from a fence for no apparent reason.

#OnlyInManchester do you come across this.

— Amanda Schott (@mandayayaa)

22. Where vacuum cleaners are taken for walks.

23. Mancs know how to get around.

Grown size guy driving a child's electric car...looks like he is on his way to work! #onlyinmanchester

— Mackenzie (@ubiqium)

24. All facilities are used in the proper way.

@emmamaxwellx @AbbieKathryn #onlyinmanchester

— David maxwell (@cosycafebolton)

25. Never change, Manchester.


— Mark Holland (@RiffRaff41)

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Patrick Smith is a senior reporter for BuzzFeed News and is based in London.
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