22 Things That Could Only Ever Happen In Cardiff

It’s a lovely, lovely place. Or Mae’n lle hyfryd, hyfryd, if you prefer.

1. When this guy was just hanging out downtown in his Ghillie suit, sitting on a space hopper.

2. When the council had to put this sign above a fountain.

Flickr: eightk / Creative Commons

3. When this women proved Cardiff folk are unfailingly polite, even to cash machines.

Getty Images

4. When this important and helpful Welsh-to-English translation was provided.

According to Google, the Welsh for pointless is ddibwynt.

5. When this became a serious news story.

6. This breakfast bargain.

#OnlyInCardiff loool!!! Naaaah mate!! I've just been able to get the Frosties down...

— Noel Samuels (@noelsamuels)

7. When someone thought this well meaning but slightly weird bus advert was a good idea.

8. This guy.

Watching a man disco dancing in the back seat of a ford focus windows down blasting Mysterious Girl.. #onlyincardiff

— JAYDE. (@JaydeHarvey_)

9. And this one.

Elderly gentleman singing a karaoke version of the heartbeat theme song in the middle of Queen Street! #OnlyInCardiff

— ☺ pʎoןן ppʎɟɐp ☺ (@lloyd1411)

10. When this stormtrooper just casually strolled through St David’s shopping centre.

Cardiff. Look who I just found walking through St David's shopping centre

— SKEPTA (@Skepta)

11. When these fellas were out enjoying the sunshine.

12. When this juice bar opened, with its very original name.

13. When this post-rugby celebration went up a notch.

14. When this supermarket banned people from wearing pyjamas.

15. These fabulous tourist attractions.

16. When this newsagent somehow started doing darts, snooker, and tattoo’s (sic).

17. This Dalek roadsign.

I love this picture of a roadsign in Cardiff from Mr Jenkins. Please be real! Careful. Dalek Crossing! :-) #DoctorWho

— Cameron Yarde Jnr (@CameronYardeJnr)

18. This charming advert for rabbit meat.

19. When this guy went for a bike ride like it was no big deal.

Flickr: worldofoddy / Creative Commons

20. When a very mature person did this to the toilet door in Bar Icon on Charles Street.

Flickr: citizenerased / Creative Commons

21. That time Walter White and Jessie Pinkman hung out in Cardiff Bay.

22. When someone tampered with this man’s mankini.

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Patrick Smith is a senior reporter for BuzzFeed News and is based in London.
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