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This Is How London Is Coping With A One-Day Tube Strike

Is there anything more British than someone joining a 500-metre-long bus queue?

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The streets crowded with zombie-like walking commuters, the three-mile queues for buses and taxis, the endless stream of moaning social media updates... Yes, it can only be a London underground strike.

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Services stopped on Sunday night and won't resume again until Monday evening, leaving millions of commuters wondering how the hell to get to work.

When there's a London Tube Strike tomorrow & you're re-planning your route to work. #TubeStrike

Don't forget it's #Tubestrike in London this weekend To help we've launched a new map to get you around the network

The main thing: At least no one is overreacting.

London during the tube strike, the buses are now mad Max style death trucks. People try to ride pigeons to work. No gaps are minded. Chaos.

Clapham Junction looked like a zombie film, but one in which the zombies can't get to work because of industrial action.

A queue system... Go home #ClaphamJunction, you're drunk. #TubeStrike @BBCTravelAlert @LDNOverground

It was quite dramatic.

Clapham Junction is a very similar scene to when the Titanic is sinking & they're trying to get everyone onto the lifeboats #TubeStrike #TfL

20th Century Fox / Paramount

They later closed the station because of overcrowding that absolutely no one could have easily predicted when the strike was confirmed on Friday.

Been in the #ClaphamJunction cattle shed for a good 45 mins now and I'm pretty sure I'm yet to pass halfway. Sturdy…

Oh joy. Another #TubeStrike come Monday. Sneak preview of the scene at Finsbury Park station at 7.00am

People who never walk got the chance to find out that tube stations are actually VERY CLOSE to each other and walking in London is VERY FAST.

Amateur walkers out in force in London today, heads imploding as they realise their 20min tube ride is actually a 15min walk #TubeStrike

Monday morning commute: March of the Penguins #TubeStrike

The trains that were running were a little bit crowded.

So everyone had this amazing idea.

Where possible, think outside the box... #TubeStrike #London

And despite there being ALMOST NO POINT queuing for already-full buses, this being Britain people just did it anyway.

John Stillwell / PA Wire/PA Images

It's the World Cup of queuing, the Olympics of passive-aggressive tutting.

Went for a walk along the bus queue at Euston. Seems to be getting busier here @LBC #tubestrike

According to this person, some buses even had bouncers.

All sorts of agg going on in London this morning. The buses even have bouncers #TubeStrike

London's mayor missed his slot to talk about the tube strike because of the traffic caused by the tube strike.

A sign of the chaos caused by the Tube strike that @SadiqKhan is supposed to be on Radio 4 now but is stuck in traffic #TubeStrike

While its advice may be sound, this is not the official Wetherspoon's Twitter account.

Remember today during the #TubeStrike most stations have a Wetherspoon pub in walking distance so just come in and get mangled instead. 👍🍻

As ever, people not in London will complain about the rolling news coverage.

Spare a thought for the Tube strike's real victims: northerners who will spend all day complaining about it being on the news

And now people are starting to actually get to work in dribs and drabs, they are swapping horror stories.

*12 buses, 6 Ubers, crawls the final 2 streets* Colleague: how was your journey in? Me: yeah, not bad thanks. @SoVeryBritish #TubeStrike

Some didn't make it, but at least they tried.

One of the lads at work just text in, 45 minutes after he should've been here, saying "There are delays guys". He's my hero #TubeStrike

So, keep it together, Londoners.

London will survive the tube strike, we got through a great fire, the blitz and that time gary barlow wrote a song for the queen's birthday

We'll get through this.

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