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    There's A London Underground-Themed Computer Game On The Way

    And it features Boris Johnson battling Bob Crow to save the Tube.

    So if you love the Tube so much you want to imagine you're on it even when you're not, you're in luck.

    Rush Hour is an 8-bit style video game being developed by Antonia Jade Heslop. She's been working on it for three years and hopes to bring the game to market next year, via Kickstarter and she's hoping for support from the London Mayor's office or Transport for London.

    A demo video shows what's in store.

    You can play as three kinds of Tube travelers: a hurried commuter, a "casual" person with a big backpack and a tourist with a huge map. It's scarily accurate in several ways.

    It's a fun-looking Mario style platformer in which you stomp on the heads of annoying co-passengers.

    "Commuter Colin"'s first task is to to get from Ealing Broadway to Canary Wharf. Simple, you think.

    But just like in real life, choosing which carriage to get on can be a nightmare.

    And then there are people (non-Londoners probably) standing on the left on the escalator.

    Plus there's an end of level boss - it's BOB CROW!

    The firebrand union leader is the terrifying monster you must defeat to save the Tube network. For some Conservative politicians this is pretty much a realistic representation of the modernisation of the Underground.

    Bob Crow is not happy. Although we should stress the RMT union leader doesn't actually destroy Tube trains with his bare hands.

    And who should save the day? None other than Crow's (real life) arch nemesis London Mayor Boris Johnson. On a zip wire, holding Union Jack Flags, obviously.

    To finish, you ride off into the sunset, on a Boris bike, with Boris.

    That might not be everyone's idea of fun but it's probably more enjoyable than a packed Tube journey.

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