17 Earth-Shattering Summer Problems Only British People Will Understand

It’s been a great summer so far. But we can’t wait for it to end.

1. When everyone’s trying to have barbeques at the same time and inevitably getting them horribly wrong.

2. Like when these guys dropped their meat.

3. And these people ran out of Pimm’s.


4. When buses inexplicably turn their heating on at exactly the hottest part of the year.

Peter Macdiarmid / Getty / Via reddit.com

5. When people insist on playing infuriating bongos in the park.

George Doyle / Stockbyte

6. And our largest nation’s football team’s most memorable contribution to a World Cup is when their physio gets injured celebrating a goal.

Now it's all over let's remember England's most memorable moment #WC2014Brasil #england

— Viking Flagship (@Stoss66)

7. Even at the height of the hottest summer in years, going to festivals involves a lot of mud.

Weather warning issued for Glastonbury-goers as the mud bath worsens http://t.co/4bBqAMMn2f

— IndyArts (@IndyArts)

8. Because in the UK, there’s always plenty of room for storms and showers.

10. Because when it rains in the summertime, it rains.

This is a Saturday afternoon, in the middle of July, in England. #BritishSummer

— Simon Clark (@SimonClark8)

11. Storms caused flash-flooding this year and submerged a tube station.

Ruislip bears the brunt of torrential rain in London http://t.co/CYfjW9lUuy

— ITV News London (@itvlondon)

12. But at least a new sport, backyard swimming, was invented.

13. As everyone knows, when it gets hot in Britain, it gets unbearably hot. And everyone complains.

As a country we don’t do air conditioning, except in supermarkets.

14. So being at work is great fun.

Creatas / Via reddit.com

15. No one knows what to do with butter.

RobynMac/ iStock / Via reddit.com

16. And hay fever is LITERALLY the worst thing that had ever happened.

17. Worst of all, people can’t enjoy themselves because they’re too busy worrying about when to call it and say summer is over.

William87 / iStock

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Patrick Smith is a senior reporter for BuzzFeed News and is based in London.
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