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    26 Times People Were Too Sneaky For Their Own Good

    They will never be caught.

    1. When this cheeky seagull stole an ice cream.

    2. When this spy car was never spotted by the enemy.

    3. This owl, who is in there somewhere.

    4. When this dastardly sea lion struck without warning.

    5. When someone wrote the sneakiest pub sign that ever was.

    6. When Toblerone hid a bear in its logo and didn't tell anyone.

    7. When a baseball bat-wielding cat wanted feeding.

    8. When this cat stalked a feather but lost its nerve.

    9. When this cat became the master of hiding.

    10. When this sheep went deep undercover.

    11. When Wally/Waldo appeared in The Simpsons that time.

    12. When this footballer scored the sneakiest goal that ever was.

    13. When this soldier quietly got his penis out (the guy in the front row with the white hat).

    14. When this food thief puppy pounced.

    15. The cat that's in here somewhere.

    16. When this sneaky exam cheater cheated.

    17. When someone thought of this as a secret Santa gift idea.

    18. When this camouflage master went for days without being spotted.

    19. This bin cat.

    20. When this snake slithered its way through town.

    21. When this mud person claimed another victim.

    22. When this sneaky student figured out under-table texting.

    23. When Osama Bin Laden infiltrated boring business meetings for some reason.

    24. When this pickpocket struck again IN BROAD DAYLIGHT.

    25. When Pixar quietly put the same old truck into every single film.

    26. When this ninja cat assassin took no prisoners.