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15 Completely Unexplainable Reader Comments

Come for the article, stay for the insane comments.

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1. Live Science did this (alarming and not the faint of heart) article.

But Gina seemed to have her wires crossed in the comments.

2. Some people were upset that Premier League CEO Richard Scudamore kept his job despite sending sexist emails.

But for this commenter it was the right decision...because sex toys.


3. IGN did this list about Jurassic Park. So far, so straightforward.

But this person in the comments was in no doubt what the highlight of all three films was.

4. This article on evolution had some tricky home truths for the people below the line.

5. MailOnline occasionally writes about UFOs.


Which is a good thing if you're a fan of comments like this.

6. In April, The Guardian reported that the search for Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370, which had gone missing the previous month, continued.

But as @JakeyBate pointed out, the comments under the article basically constituted a tricky round of "troll or insane".

7. Gaming site Kotaku did a thing on how hedgehogs are cute. A reasonable position to take on the subject.


However, things are not that straightforward, this commenter said.

8. MailOnline was concerned that children in cities are talking in a different accents to their parents.

But this commenter knew exactly who was responsible.

9. Broadcaster Robert Lustig got the Guardian commenters going with his views on the evils of sugar.


But quite how things got to this point is unclear.

10. USA Today had this alarming tale about dental patients in Oklahoma potentially being exposed to infection.

One wonders whether Bruce was taking it entirely seriously.

11. MailOnline had the heart-warming story of a fawn befriending a cat.


But sometimes even Mail commenters can't understand Mail commenters.

12. The two British women arrested and later convicted of cocaine smuggling in Peru led the headlines across the country.

But as the pair faced years in jail, Mail commenters were focusing on the important stuff.

13. It doesn't matter which Yahoo News article this is from, it still speaks the truth today.


14. This site had a selection of pictures of a very narrow house made by Austrian artist Erwin Wurm.

This commenter got straight to the heart of the matter.


15. You're browsing Yahoo Autos, checking out the cars, reading the comments.

And sometimes your internal thoughts fall out without you realising.