The 17 Greatest 90s Britpop Performances From “Top Of The Pops”

“Maybe, I don’t really wanna know, how your garden grows…

17. Sleeper, “Sale of the Century”.

This clip gets a million more 90s points for having old-school subtitles.

16. Ocean Colour Scene, “The Riverboat Song”.

15. Menswear, “Daydreamer”.

14. Echobelly, “Great Things”.

13. Lush, “Single Girl”.

12. Kula Shaker, “Tattva”.

11. Mansun, “Wide Open Space”.

Note that the person doing the intro is none other than 70s glam rock star and convicted paedophile Gary Glitter.

10. Ash, “Goldfinger”

9. The Bluetones, “Slight Return”.

8. Elastica, “Waking Up”, featuring a gurning Damon Albarn not playing keybords.

7. Suede, “Trash”, which proves that no one works a tambourine like Brett Anderson.

6. Oasis, “Some Might Say”.

5. Blur, “Charmless Man”, complete with weird big drumsticks, for some reason.

4. Supergrass, “Alright”.

Key questions raised by this clip include, what the HELL is Gaz wearing?

3. Blur, with Phil Daniels, “Parklife”.

2. Oasis, “Live Forever”.

Maybeeeeeeeeeeeeee …”

1. Pulp, “Common People”.

Some of Jarvis’s moves in this performance are OFF THE SCALE.

The BBC is running a Britpop season at the moment if this is your kind of thing.

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