The 27 Greatest 404 Error Pages In The History Of The Internet

    Error – too much awesome found.

    1. This Taken-themed error page.

    2. This 404 error from French site Rachet De Mobile that let's you play snake on a Nokia 3310.

    3. This never-ending, Douglas Adams-influenced stream of consciousness from the Association for Computing at the University of Illinois.

    4. This wall.

    5. This inventive fancy dress outfit.

    6. This heart-stopping toilet roll.

    7. This 404 error message that doesn't give a fuck.

    8. The Rolling Stones' website has just the right song for the occasion.

    9. As does Ebony magazine.

    It's official: @EBONYMag has the best 404 error page in the known universe.

    10. This mortified dog.

    11. This missing building.

    12. IMDB has a string of film-related 404 pages every time you refresh the page.

    13. This cycling site's very literal error message.

    14. W3dev, which is no longer live, had this weapons of mass destruction-themed error message.

    15. This terrible Led Zeppelin pun.

    16. This Jedi mind trick.

    17. This 404 page from The Sims 3's website features a hapless Sim putting a baby in a dishwasher.

    18. Play Space Invaders on this Norwegian agency's site.

    19. This GIF, from the error page at

    20. Or how about which provides a selection of baseball fail GIFs.

    21. Don't look at this 404 error if you are a Zelda fan, it might be too much.

    22. The 404 message at tells it like it is.

    23. Barack Obama's website features the President delivering pizza to make everything OK again.

    24. This one, in which a penguin smashes some cymbals over a polar bear's head.

    25. "If you like, Microsoft Windows can examine your PC and send details of all the pornography you've downloaded to its HQ."

    26. Both the music and stick man dancing on this Russian site are very special.

    27. Save the Lemmings by opening their parachutes with your mouse.

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