The Best Of The Internet’s Reaction To A-Level Results Day

“I got B-A-A-A in my A-levels and now I’m a shepherd.”

1. It’s results day! When the nation’s youth find out if they will succeed or fail in life. Or perhaps it doesn’t really matter – it depends who you ask.

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2. And yes, there have been lots of people pictured jumping in the air. And yes, they have tended to be girls.

3. The government issued these media guidelines to interpret A-level success by the height of a jump. (It didn’t really).

4. One rebel even suggested going against the jumping trend entirely.

5. There were lots of satisfied people this morning.

6. Lots of famous people got their results today too. Including Marilyn Monroe.

Marilyn Monroe, seen here getting her A-level results.

— Mr Roger Quimbly (@RogerQuimbly)

7. Neville Chamberlain.

"I got three A's!"

— Primly Stable (@PrimlyStable)

8. Thor.

Obligatory A-levels day picture

— Michael Moran (@TheMichaelMoran)

9. And The Beatles.

Local students seem happy with their A Level results:

— Nick Pettigrew (@Nick_Pettigrew)

10. Students were commiserating with each other.

Would anyone else join me for a slice of cake? #alevelresults

— Ryan Morley (@_m0zzaaaa)

11. Some people had already been considering alternative careers if they didn’t get the grades for uni.

If tomorrow doesn't work out i'll just Kim Kardashian my way to fame

— Musòn (@Matttydaniells)

This time tomorrow I will officially be starting my new career as a stripper #resultday #deffofailed

— Hannah Browning (@han_brownn)

13. But it’s fine, because older, wiser heads were offering heartening advice.

Good A-level results? Don’t forget that life is ultimately futile and we’re all careering headfirst towards an inevitable death!

— Stuart Heritage (@stuheritage)

Disappointing A-level results? Relax. This just means that you can write a condescending tweet about how great your job is 15 years from now

— Stuart Heritage (@stuheritage)

15. And some level-headed life tips.

A level results aren't important. Getting off with boys. That's what's important.

— Polly Vernon (@PollyVernon)

16. Lots of older people were keen to tell the young’uns what awful grades they got, as a kind of motivational Twitter group hug.

I got 19 A*s at A-level, every single one of them in advanced maths, and I lick the walls of public toilets for sustenance.

— Shane Croucher (@shanecroucher)

I got three As and a B. I also got two Ns and an S. BANANAS. Fifty bonus points! I'm going to Oxbridge.

— Yawn (@YawnThePost)

I got B-A-A-A in my A-levels, and I'm now a shepherd.

— James Martin (@Pundamentalism)

Prince Charles only got two A-levels, one B and one C. And he got into Cambridge! Don't be disheartened!

— Primly Stable (@PrimlyStable)

Started worrying about my A-level results, then remembered it was 9 years ago and I’m an adult with a job and a PS4, so everything is okay.

— James O'Malley (@Psythor)

DONT worry if you didn't pass you're A Levels, I didn't either but your going to far in life they're are plenty of opportunities out their.

— JC (@JCautomatic)

22. Some people realised, however, that this info is often a little bit out of date.

@DawnHFoster Are you excited to hear what results people got in 1996 because I am excited to hear what results people got in 1996.

— Eben Marks (@EbenMarks)

Hey kids - don't take advice from people like me about exams or careers. I got lucky and also my advice is 20 years out of date.

— Rob Manuel (@robmanuel)

24. Then there was this realist.

Just remember- If you don't get the A-Levels you were hoping for today, then your totally fucked. FUCKED. Come and work in retail.

— AngryShopMan (@AngryShopMan)

25. @GeneralBoles saved everyone a lot of time by fitting all the memes into one image.

The Greatest Picture Ever

— General Boles (@GeneralBoles)

26. The Sun’s Tony Parsons had this helpful contribution on the “are A-levels worthwhile” debate.

27. This gag is awful.

I got 4 A-levels

— Mark (@markyboyace)

28. Actually, Dane Bowers doesn’t like to talk about his A-levels.

I saw Dane Bowers on A-Level results night in Oceana and asked what he got on his 'Another-levels' but couldn't stop laughing & ran away.

— Adam Hess (@adamhess1)

29. Everyone knew who to blame for their lower-than-expected grades.

well my AS results are shit, well played Michael Gove well fucking played

— leah maidment (@lilyy_maidment)

Nervous girls waiting for their results at Henrietta Barnet. One student said if they didn't get the 3 As needed she'll blame Michael Gove.

— Ham and High (@HamandHigh)

Managed to convince my mum Michael Gove changed the results so if I get a U it's actually an A

— & (@emilydaisy97)

32. But whether celebrating or commiserating, students were this morning already discussing the best ways to get completely ratarse drunk later.

This is me, tomorrow #ResultDay

— Viren Aggarwal (@virenaggarwal07)

33. And really, whoever we are, whatever we achieve in life, we all secretly want to be this guy.

Big up to the guy on @R1Breakfast who rang up about A-levels and said: "I didn't do my A-levels but I'm going to Ibiza for six days. Wheyyy"

— James Leyfield (@JamesJourn)

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