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28 Unforgettable Things Local Newspapers Told Us In 2013

"All life is there". And a whole lot more besides.

1. The unexpected can always happen in Sheffield.

2. Texting is a serious business on the Isle of Man.

3. Yes, this actually happened in Barnstaple, Devon.

4. The fun never stops in Newport.

5. It's always best to check.

6. Who will solve this Hertfordshire mystery?

7. Sheep are a menace to the people of Surrey.

8. As well as a curious story, this is a handy guide to understanding a tricky homonym.

9. This short news item from South Wales gained cult status.

10. This is the same council responsible for this gem.

11. It was kicking off in Pembrokeshire.

12. The odds, considering that there aren't many 80th birthday cards out there, are probably quite low.


14. This Women's Institute branch gained global notoriety, via the North Devon Journal.

15. Those pesky sausage dogs, always ruining everything.

16. This was unquestionably the political story of the year.

17. It's health and safety gone mad in Kent.

18. Just in case the people of Wolverhampton weren't sure about how weeks work.

19. Justice is sweet in Croydon.

20. I think I missed the week at Sunday School where they explained this bit of the cruxifiction. From one of the lesser known gospels perhaps.

21. Scandal hits Macclesfield.

22. Is this the reader's photo of the year?

23. You can read this one of two ways.

24. News of the outside world takes a while to reach West Sussex.

25. I ain't afraid of no goldfish.

26. If it isn't killer fish, it's this. Times are tough for local emergency services in East Grinstead.

27. There was no respite from deadly seagulls in Brighton.

28. In fact the battle against the greedy gulls is hitting the entire country by the looks of things.

But seriously, we love local newspapers. Please carry on reporting the strange country we live in.