The 18 Best Accidental Alan Partridge Moments Of Our Time

A-haaaaaa! The Accidental Partridge Twitter account shows there’s a little bit of Alan in all of us.

1. Radio 1’s Greg James.

BBC/FremantlemediaUK/Mark Harrison

3. This falconry display.

5. Footballer Joey Barton.

Flickr: sleboz / Via S. Le Bozec / Creative Commons Licence

6. TalkSport’s Mike Parry.

7. Chris Evans.

Flickr: thehutch / Via TheHutch / Creative Commons Licence

8. This bottle of Merlot.

10. Lord Ashcroft.

11. Whoever commissioned this TV show.

14. Eamonn Holmes AND Jeremy Kyle.

16. Derren Brown.

Stuart Wilson / Getty Images Entertainment

17. ITV Sport’s Ned Boulting

Flickr: brendan2010 / Via Brendan2010 / Creative Commons Licence

18. Will Young’s book cover.

May their unintentionally Alan-like behaviour continue for ever more.

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Patrick Smith is a senior reporter for BuzzFeed News and is based in London.
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