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    The 18 Best Accidental Alan Partridge Moments Of Our Time

    A-haaaaaa! The Accidental Partridge Twitter account shows there's a little bit of Alan in all of us.

    1. Radio 1's Greg James.

    BBC/FremantlemediaUK/Mark Harrison

    2. This sun cream.

    3. This falconry display.

    4. MIchael Fabricant MP

    5. Footballer Joey Barton.

    Flickr: sleboz / Via S. Le Bozec / Creative Commons Licence

    6. TalkSport's Mike Parry.

    7. Chris Evans.

    Flickr: thehutch / Via TheHutch / Creative Commons Licence

    8. This bottle of Merlot.

    9. This fishing pond.

    10. Lord Ashcroft.

    11. Whoever commissioned this TV show.

    12. And this one.

    13. Bill Oddie.

    14. Eamonn Holmes AND Jeremy Kyle.

    15. Paul Daniels

    16. Derren Brown.

    Stuart Wilson / Getty Images Entertainment

    17. ITV Sport's Ned Boulting

    Flickr: brendan2010 / Via Brendan2010 / Creative Commons Licence

    18. Will Young's book cover.

    May their unintentionally Alan-like behaviour continue for ever more.

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