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    The 21 Worst Police Sketches Of All Time

    The police have enough to deal with without sketches and digital images of suspects that don't even look human.

    21. That time someone drew a picture of Mario and Luigi's other brother.

    20. Police were seeking this man in connection with "lewd comments and gestures to a woman jogger."

    Sacramento Police /

    19. This detailed image of a suspect in Delaware.

    New Castle County Police /

    18. Any suspect featured on early 90s editions of the BBC's Crimewatch programme.

    17. Police somehow used this image to find Joseph Weir, who was convicted of bank robbery and sentenced to 32 years inside.

    16. This surprisingly relaxed suspect.

    15. This floppy-haired suspected car thief.

    Metropolitan Police/PA Wire

    14. This suspect wanted by police in Gloucestershire, who may have been wearing a wig.

    Gloucestershire Police /

    13. This murder suspect.

    Snellville Police /

    12. That time Japanese police used a Wii avatar to find a hit and run suspect.

    11. Police in Missouri released this frightening mugshot, based on a robbery victim's description.

    Leadington Police Department / Facebook: Leadington-Police-Department

    10. This wolf / man, wanted by police in Woodbridge, Virginia.

    9. This mysterious eyeless man wanted by Strathclyde Police.


    8. This distinctive hat wearer wanted by South Wales Police.

    7. Glenn Rundles, who was arrested in Texas on charges of aggravated robbery in January.

    Lamar County Sheriff’s Department

    6. Whatever, er, this is.

    5. This detailed sketch of a murder suspect in Bolivia, which did actually help arrest someone.

    4. This ninja.

    Suffolk Constabulary /

    3. This memorable image of a bank robber sought by police in Thailand.

    2. This lettuce-headed suspect.

    Hampshire Police /

    Hampshire Police blamed "technical issues" for the image being green – he's supposed to be blond.

    1. An e-fit of the suspect in the Madeleine McCann case, which was drawn by a DVD shop owner and has been described as an "egg with a side-parting."

    Steve Parsons/PA Wire

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