The 23 Most Hypnotically Pointless Websites Of All Time

    If you can find a use for any of these then congratulations. Via

    1. Turn your cursor into a duck for some reason at

    2. Go to Which takes you to...


    4. Spend a few hours looking at a blue box.

    5. Watch a little man fall from the top of the screen repeatedly, as a voice says "Bury me with my money," over and over, forever.

    6. Watch these day-glo dogs running, to an 8-bit soundtrack, until your brain falls out of your ears.

    7. Slap a man in the face with an eel to your heart's content at

    8. Live out your fire alarm fantasies by setting one off at

    9. Watch someone play a game of checkers very quickly.

    10. Turn a single big circle into a cute koala for no reason at all at

    11. Watch this pug lick a window and not have a care in the world.

    12. Make cats bounce at

    13. "Anything is possible at"

    14. Delight your colleagues and friends with a new colour every second at

    15. Remind yourself if it's Christmas yet at

    16. And when you're bored of that, why not go to

    17. Watch Alan Partridge dancing to the same four bars of Daft Punk's Get Lucky in his static caravan for all of eternity.

    18. Watch in awe as a graceful giant bat flies across your screen. And does a fart.

    19. finds a photo with someone pointing to your cursor, for reasons that no one can explain.

    20. Donate some money to someone on the internet, for no apparent reason, at

    21. If you miss the old days of 56k modems and AOL's dialup screen, pretend broadband doesn't exist with this handy simluator.

    22. See how long you last at Patience Is A Virtue.

    23. Then congratulate yourself as you read the very last page on the internet.