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The 22 Awful Stages Of Going To A Conference

Conference season is upon us - here's all you need to know about the most boring way to spend a day.

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1. You have to wake up at a stupidly early hour because the event starts at 8.30 ON THE DOT.

Even though half the delegates arrive late and no conference in the history of human evolution has ever started or ended on time.


8. Then the chair opens the floor for questions and this always happens because people need to go to the toilet or get another coffee.

Please "state your name and your organisation" if you do ask a question however. No one is sure why you have to do this, but you just do.


15. Lunchtime! Now you have to try to eat and chat while holding a plate and cutlery and and a drink. Good luck.

Flickr: criminalintent / Creative Commons

Bonus observation: What's with those metal food heaters you get at conferences? Where do they come from?


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