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    The 18 Worst People You Meet At The Gym

    "You know, I've always considering mental fitness to be more important anyway."

    1. The person who doesn't know how anything works but carries on anyway.

    2. The people who seem to be battling with the equipment.

    3. These heroes.

    4. EVERYONE who dresses up like they're going clubbing.

    And lifts a curtain rail.

    5. Including this guy.

    6. The attractive and fit person who always parks themselves RIGHT next to you.

    7. People who do this.

    8. People who aren't actually making any effort.

    9. As in, 0% effort.


    11. The person who thinks their life is a Rocky training montage. / United Artists / United Artists

    12. All the "look at me" gym show-offs.

    13. The person who enjoys going slightly too fast on the treadmill because it's exciting but OMG HOW DO YOU TURN IT OFF??

    14. People who grunt like animals every time they lift weights.


    15. People who tweet about being at the gym.

    I'm off now to be a gym wanker

    16. The person who cannot, even during intensive exercise, be parted from their digital devices.

    17. People who admire themselves in the mirror. / Via

    There may be a slight gap between how you look and how you think you look.

    18. Couples who go to the gym together.

    dolgachov / Thinkstock

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