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    14 Stupendously Bad Pictures Of The Super Blood Moon

    Is that a moon, or a smudge on your camera lens?

    Last night there was a supermoon lunar eclipse, also known as a "blood moon" because of its redness. If you were lucky enough to see it, it looked liked this:

    Owen Humphreys / PA WIRE

    A blood-red "supermoon" in the skies above Falkirk, Stirlingshire.

    But, remember, this is the UK.

    1. So the people who stayed up to catch a glimpse of a majestic red orb in the sky got pictures that looked more like this:

    2. In this one you can't tell the difference between the moon and the streetlight.

    @psmith @BuzzFeedUK the one on the left is the moon. The other is a streetlight.

    3. The taker of this pic admits it looks like "shining a torch on some grass".

    @psmith more like shining a torch on some grass

    4. There were #BloodMoon pictures in which the moon was not visible AT ALL.

    5. Someone stayed up till 3:30am to get this.


    6. And this.

    @psmith This is all I managed to get at half 3 in the morning.

    7. This is just ridiculous.

    8. This person saw the moon but was reduced to Instagramming it to make it red.

    bored waiting for the #superbloodmoon so made one myself! #instalife #bedtime #bloodmoonfail 😣

    9. This moon pic was apparently hidden by a freak snowstorm.

    10. This guy managed to make a once-in-30-years cosmic event look like a car driving off down a dark road.

    11. It was inspirational stuff all round.

    .@paulscoins @psmith @BuzzFeedUK Here are mine.


    @paulscoins @psmith @BuzzFeedUK Couple more:

    13. Here's one someone had made earlier.

    My best shot this morning of the #SuperBloodMoon over Burger Kebab Galaxy in #Uxbridge. @GetWestLondon

    If you didn't get a great shot of the moon, don't worry: You'll get another chance in 2033.

    So, in conclusion...

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