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17 Charming But Disturbing Children's Christmas Lists

"Santa Claus may struggle to find a real giant robotic dinosaur, darling." BUT YOU SAID HE WAS MAGIC.

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1. "Well, enough chit-chat. I want an AK-47." / Via

Dear Santa,

How are you? Well, enough chit-chat. Let's get down to buisness.

This year I want......

1. a big Space Lego set

2. Some jelly beans

3. a sharks jaket & hat

4. an AK-47 assult rifle

5. Any Nintedo game

2. "Don't let me down."


Dinosaur fossil (real)

Dinosaur DNA (real)

Plasma TV

Dinosaur (real)

Giant robotic dinosaur (real) (Like at the dinosaur place at the zoo)


Cash ($200)

Dinosaur bone (real)

Air hogs [remote control] battle tracker

Dinosaur claw bone (real)

Dog (Lab)

Second Hamster (Boy)

Snake cannon (shoots real snakes)

Free day off school (call me in sick)

New green pen to write the rest of my list

Rocket boots


Nathan's list part 1

Don't let me down


3. "A picture of a girl". / Via

1. My two front teeth

2. The tape of this song --> Sega

3. A little "money" like 75¢ in Quarters

4. Nintendo tape's

5. Some roller skates

6. a picher of a girl!!

4. "A book about potatos." / Via

1. a red bouncy ball.

2. a Toy Mario

3. a Toy worm

4. a Toy dinosaur

5. a Toy slug

6. a pop-up Animal Book

7. a lot of calvin and hobbes Books

8. clam pants

9. An [remote control] dinosaur

10. a Big [remote control] worm and monkey

11. a Dinosaur Flashlight

12. a Book about Potatos.


11. "I want a real fairy ... and a clone of Natalie." / Via

Dear Santa, I want a real fairy and a real goldfish. and a real puppy that is mine. and a turtle. and a clone of Natalie. and a TV. and a zipline.

12. "Husband for mom."


Minioun Toy



husband for mom


13. "1,000,000 pieces of shrimp".

Dear Santa

I want a iPhone and

! want a flat screen HD TV and

1,000,000 pieces of shrimp and

I want a I pad and

I want a computer

a sister ... I wat a limo and a

limo driver

17. "Thank you for your cooperation."


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