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12 Teachers Reveal Their Most Horrific Classroom Experiences

We asked for teachers' worst (anonymous) stories of children on the rampage at school, via Twitter and Facebook. They did not disappoint.

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1. When a 4-year-old became a very harsh critic.

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One evil genius kid learned a load of teaching terms and would use them to question me constantly: "Miss, how would you rate your behaviour management?', and 'Miss, do you feel like the majority of the class is making expected progress?"
A teacher told me about their first day doing teaching training many years ago at a school in Liverpool. The school was notoriously bad and she had been warned both by people who knew of the school and existing teachers how badly behaved these pupils were in this particular class. To say they were nervous was an understatement.Just 20 minutes into the first lesson, with the trainee unsupervised, the kids were being good as gold – quiet, well behaved, and interactive, and the teacher was starting to get comfortable and to think that all these warnings were nonsense.Then, all of a sudden (and this sounds like it was pre-planned and done with military-style execution), this lone kid got up and stood on the table and started singing "It's Oh So Quiet" by Björk. The teacher stood there in bemusement and confusion wondering what the hell was going on, until the bit where they sang the line "and so peaceful until..."Next thing, the whole class just went berserk and absolutely ransacked the classroom, forcing the teacher to flee, and the lesson got abandoned. I heard the classroom literally got destroyed as the kids went on the rampage.
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4. When they locked the religious studies teacher in a cupboard for an entire lesson and beyond.

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5. When this happened.

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I had a phantom pooer in nursery for a while. Three Fridays in a row a child would curl one out on the floor in the nursery toilet. The next Friday I camped outside the door most of the day and it didn't happen. I never found out who it was...

7. That time an 8-year-old got naked and showed off her razor.

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8. When someone got kneed in the nuts.

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9. When a boy ate a glue stick.

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10. When this very strange episode took place.

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11. When a child took a bite and wouldn't let go.

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12. When the kids were a little bit too honest with their helpful suggestions.

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