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The BBC Election Swingometer Through The Ages

And the rest of the BBC's election coverage, but we know what really matters.

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It's even set up a huge map of the UK outside Broadcasting House showing all the constituencies.

The Tories were represented with white and Labour with black because a) this was before colour TV, and b) there weren't any other parties that mattered.


This is from Broadcasting House in 1951.


And it was clear, even to the BBC, what the main attraction was. By 1979, the swingometer was starring in this photo call alongside Angela Rippon and a fresh-faced David Dimbleby, making his election night debut.


And some really dodgy costumes. Who can forget the time he dressed (and talked) like a cowboy for the 2008 council elections? / Via

Long may he reign as the unofficial king of election night... even though this year is his last.

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