Stormtroopers Join "Star Wars" Superfan's Funeral Procession

    Gordon Deacon's funeral in Cardiff on Wednesday was what he would have wanted: a Star Wars-themed day with no one allowed to dress in black, not even Darth Vader.

    When Gordon Deacon, 58, died last month after a battle with cancer, his family knew that his funeral would have to be a bit special. As in, six stormtroopers and a horse and carriage special.

    The Star Wars superfan's funeral took place today at St Margaret's Church in Roath, Cardiff, with mourners not wearing the traditional black, but a variety of colours.

    His widow, Marilyn, said Deacon had asked that people don't wear black – including anyone in a Darth Vader outfit:

    We used to go to shows and he had a signed photograph of bounty hunter Boba Fett on the wall. He had Star Wars lightsabers, figurines, cookie jars, the lot.

    My husband didn't want people to wear black, his wish was to have a different funeral. People can either wear Star Wars costumes, but not Darth Vader. I think he would be over the moon about the theme of his funeral.

    In a statement via WalesOnline, the Deacon family said:

    After a determined fight, we have lost our very own Peter Pan, a boy who never wanted to grow up.

    Gordon was a much loved husband, dad, bampy and friend.

    To all that knew him, words such as funny, caring, loving and crazy come to mind.

    He was always that shoulder to cry on, the person you'd look to for much needed support and one that we will never forget.

    The Force was strong with this one.

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