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    17 Stories From Local Newspapers That Shook The Earth To Its Core


    1. When some swans in Coventry committed a hate crime.

    2. When a modest person in Croydon had a moustache.

    3. When police in Cumbria brought in their best people to solve this case.

    4. When a Welsh community council thought about getting email.

    5. When this pleasing headline happened in Chester.

    6. When a washing line was abused in Lindley, West Yorkshire.

    7. When this happened in Bristol.

    8. When a prisoner had a suspicious trouser bulge in Llanelli.

    9. When someone lost patience with a sausage roll machine in Scarborough.

    10. When this Surrey banana-grower was delighted.

    11. When a very unnappealing bar got a late licence in Hull.

    12. When this confusing scene happened in Lincolnshire.

    13. When this epic standoff happened in Norfolk.

    14. When some swingers complained about all the "banging".

    15. When this Father Ted-inspired story happened in Knaresborough.

    16. When Bolton's least impressive superhero had his day in court.

    17. When firefighters freed a man's penis.