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"Star Wars" Super-Fan Tracks Down The Films' Forgotten Stars

These aren't the major stars of the original Star Wars IV: A New Hope film, but they're famous among obsessives and there's a Kickstarter-funded new film coming out all about them.

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Ever wondered what it might have been like to get a walk-on part in Star Wars?

Filmmaker Jon Spira wanted to know and he's raising money via Kickstarter to finish his documentary Elstree 1976, which interviews 10 actors who played minor characters from Star Wars IV: A New Hope.

The film's blurb says: "Elstree 1976 is a portrait of a cross-section of these people; from the man inside the most iconic villain in film history to the guy whose character was completely cut from the final film. It tells the stories of their lives and explores the eccentric community they have formed, traveling the world, signing autographs for fans."

While they may not be household names, among Star Wars superfans they are celebrities and draw crowds at fan conventions. They also each have their own action figures, which you can see alongside the actors below.


10. Darth Vader, played by Dave Prowse MBE.

Not only did Prowse play the most evil Sith lord, he was also a champion weightlifter, going on to open his own gyms and train various famous people.

Prowse was the actor behind the mask, but Vader's voice was of course James Earl Jones.

See the trailer here.