Sky News Political Editor Adam Boulton Just Swallowed A Fly Live On Air

Like the true professional he is, he didn’t miss a beat.

1. Sky News’ Adam Boulton was reporting on today’s ministerial reshuffle today when this happened:

2. “Do you want to take a pause?” asked Sky host Dermot Murnaghan. “No, I’ve swallowed a fly, that’s alright.”

But of course he doesn’t need to pause – he’s a consumate pro. It would take more than a fly to stop Boulton.

3. So remember, TV journalists: beware flying insects while talking on camera.

And if you do swallow one, this is how you handle it.

4. Meanwhile, let’s not forget that time Boulton took one of the great political selfies.

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Patrick Smith is a senior reporter for BuzzFeed News and is based in London.
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