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"Sesame Street Fighter" Is The Game To Brighten Your Monday

It teaches you important English skills while lovable characters beat the crap out of each other.

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You've watched Sesame Street. You've played Street Fighter 2. Now you can play Sesame Street Fighter, an unlikely merging of the two.

You can player as six lovable characters, modeled on classic SF2 characters. So there's the Cookie Monster as E. Honda.

Grover is Dhalsim.

Oscar the Grouch is Brazilian electrocuting monster Blanka.

Elmo is M. Bison.

Bert is Ryu...

While his mate Ernie is Ken.

It's violent, but it's educational too! You beat up your opponent by quickly typing words that appear on screen.

So you can watch fluffy characters from your childhood killing each other while learning valuable writing skills.

The only thing missing is Big Bird, who appears, along with the rest of the Sesame Street gang on this poster from artist Matt Crane, whose work inspired the game.

@wildcardfoxy got some good news for you my friend: THERE IS!

Matt Crane@gavacho13

@wildcardfoxy got some good news for you my friend: THERE IS!

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Will we ever think of Bert and Ernie the same way?

@sethkillian RT? Sesame Street Spriter: