21 People Who Spectacularly Won At Completing Surveys

    These people are sticking it to THE MAN through the medium of humorous survey answers.

    1. This Village People fan.

    2. This werewolf.

    3. This herb-loving rebel.

    4. This person who is not a UPS fan.

    5. This Taco Bell customer for whom things escalated quite quickly.

    6. This man who's sure of his gender.

    7. This hotel guest who had some marital problems.

    8. This honest student.

    9. This very honest student.

    10. This teller of TRUTH.

    11. This modest guy.

    12. This chicken fan who really, really likes KFC.

    13. This person who pretty much nailed what's wrong with Ikea.

    14. This person who was just hungry.

    15. This person who connects to the internet using "monkey poo power".

    16. This kid who dreams of a tree made from bacon.

    17. The student who just drew a penis.

    18. This Batman fan who is looking for love.

    19. This dad who filled out his baby daughter's nursery form.

    20. This person who likes to do "illegal things".

    21. This person who didn't take The Guardian's form very seriously.