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11 Reasons We'd Miss BBC Three If It Got Axed

Yet again some learned media observers are calling for the BBC to cut back its original programming. But if they cut BBC Three we're cutting up our licence fee bill.

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It's BBC-bashing season. In they pile to tell Aunty what it should and shouldn't be doing.

It's 18 months from a General Election and not much more than three years until the renewal of the BBC's Royal Charter (which secures its funding and position as a public service broadcaster).

So the right-leaning press, senior Conservative Party figures and general BBC sceptics are lining up to call for the TV Licence Fee to be more equally distributed to other broadcasters.


13. It takes risks.

Many shows that later graduated to BBC One and Two first found an audience on Three. It's a relatively low risk environment to give new writers, directors and actors a chance. Many of our most-loved sitcoms over the years, for example, would have been axed after one series if they weren't given a chance to develop.

Plus, the youth-focused documentaries reflect the kind of youth issues that MPs, newspaper journalists and BBC execs wouldn't understand anyway.

And if that's not what the BBC's public service mission is about, then what is?