25 Puns So Terrible They Should Be Made Illegal

    Trust me, these are just too bad.

    1. Everyone likes a pun.


    3. Puns are fun. Ones about Daniel Radcliffe especially.

    4. But they can be so, so bad.

    5. Unspeakably bad.

    6. There is no excuse for this.

    7. Or this.

    8. We've crossed a line here.

    9. We've gone too far.

    10. This breaches international punnage guidelines. We will be investigated by the mirth police.

    11. There may be a specific law against this pun.

    12. It's worse when you can see it coming.

    13. And even worse when you make plans to use it yourself later on.

    14. Some require you to think about it a bit.

    15. Others are more groaningly obvious.

    16. Some try to be clever.

    17. Others rely on innocent animals.

    18. Or fruit.

    19. Some play on words efforts make you go "Ohhhhhh".



    22. Whereas some are mildly scientific.



    25. And some are about Anthony Weiner, the greatest gift to newspaper front pages since forever.