Country Life’s Advice On How To Be A Gentleman Is Completely Mental

Country Life is the magazine for posh country-dwellers and it has some important advice for anyone wanting to be a modern gentleman.

1. If you were in any doubt as to the conduct of a perfect English gentlemen, don’t panic: Country Life is here to set you on the path to righteousness.

Country Life / IPC Media

2. And it’s bad news for all you Malibu-drinking, ever-tweeting, lycra-wearing, Biro-writing gladioli planters.

Country Life / IPC Media

3. The magazine’s ten commandments are very useful. Especially this gentlemanly lovemaking advice.

Country Life / IPC Media

4. The magazine has further nuggets of gentlemanly wisdom, including that it’s OK to get drunk and still be a gent.

Getting steaming drunk is fine - the key is doing it in an appropriate setting. After one too many malt whiskies at his club, a gentleman might sink quietly deeper into the sofa.

And, were he to find himself at a raucous do, he wouldn’t dream of putting a dampener on proceedings by asking for orange juice.

But he shudders at the thought of inconveniencing his friends by having to be poured into a taxi at the end of a night.

5. Presumbly this is not acceptable.

7. This is way out of line.

8. Don’t even consider this.

9. So pay attention all you would-be gents. And behave yourselves.

Ville Miettinen / Creative Commons / Flickr: wili

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