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22 Things That Could Only Happen In Newcastle

Alright pet?

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1. This police warning.

Flickr: djania / Creative Commons / Via Twitter: @bookworm1979

2. These toilet rules.

3. This naked man just strolling around.

4. This variation on a well-worn poster theme.

5. This stern warning to not eat pies outside a shop.

6. This Brown Ale advert, in response to Stella Artois.

7. The restaurant that does a wrap called "veggie shite".

8. These two branches of Greggs, 10 feet away from other.

9. This wedding breakfast.

Flickr: calflier001 / Creative Commons

11. This mystery.

12. This artwork.

13. This DJ shout-out.

iStock / Chagin

14. This burger, titled The Dirty Thoughts of Cheryl Cole.

It consists of a Gregg's sausage roll on top of a beef burger.

15. This guy's morning bender.

iStock / Stu99

16. When Jasmine forgot to log out of Facebook at the airport.

17. When this cocky kid lurked in the shot during Transfer Deadline Day.

18. This unfortunate logo.

19. This banner, made by Newcastle United fans.

20. This artwork, featuring Geoff from the immortal Byker Grove.

21. When someone opened a combined amusement arcade and tanning salon in Byker.

22. And, of course, when this guy started a fistfight with a police horse.

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