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9 Properties In Britain You Can Buy For £10,000 Or Less

We know that houses are expensive in the UK, but you can get some bargains too.

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1. This one-bedroom flat in the "thriving" town of Alva, near Stirling.

Yes, £10,000. And that gets you a double bedroom and a shower room.

It will need "some works prior to habitation" BUT once you've done it up it will be worth about £45,000, the estate agent claims. Its last sale was for more than £50,000 so that's quite plausible.

2. This big green teapot.

This teapot-shaped "multi-functional two-storey space" - in Melrose on the Scottish Borders - is offered for just £10,000.

The estate agent says it could be used as "a feature for a children's playground; as a quirky fishing hut; as a reception area/tea room/exhibition space etc; as a VIP lounge/viewing platform or press office at any outdoor event or simply the most enchanting 'Hobbit Hideaway'." Amusingly, the door is the spout.

But you'll have to dismantle it and take it with you - "supervised dismantling and re-erection service also available by separate negotiation".

3. This houseboat moored at Hoo in Kent.

The estate agent blurb says it's ideal for a "a starter or weekend home". It sleeps two and has a dining for area for four. And, it being a boat, if you don't like where you live you can sail away to somewhere else.

It has an automatic bilge pump, whatever that is.

4. This bakery in Swansea.

Yes, you can buy this commercial property - currently a bakery - for just ten grand. OK, you'll also have to pay £1,300 a month in rent AND you'll have to pay £7,000 in business rates (while you shake your fist at the red tape stifling Britain's small businesses).

But the blurb says it's really worth £15,000, so it's a bargain. And it comes with its own ice cream freezer.

5. This, er, bungalow near Bishop Auckland.

This charming, boarded up bungalow in Counden Grange can be yours for around £10,000 at auction. It's very rural, so if you're a countryside type it could be right up your remote street.

BUT: it will need a "full refurbishment" and the estate agent doesn't have access, so you'll just have to hope that it's all just as splendid on the inside as it on the outside.

6. This beach hut on the North Essex coast.

You may struggle to live in this beach hut in Walton-on-the-Naze, but it would be a nice place to get changed and have a cup of tea before going paddling.

7. This former public toilet in Cornwall.

The starting price for this is at auction is £10,000 but you could still grab yourself a bargain. You can live in it or open a funky, weird bar (if you get planning permission).

On the outside, the building measures approximately 8.1 metres x 4.8 metres.

8. This holiday home in Kent.

Get a full three-bed static caravan in the New Beach Holiday Park, with access to a heated pool, a bar, a laundrette, darts and pool tables and an adventure playground.

There are rules about making places like these your permanent residence - they tend to shut the parks in the dead of winter for a start - so beware if you're thinking of this as your new home.

9. This 40-bedroom hotel in Shropshire.

You may want to do some research on this massive former hotel - it's available without a mortgage and "Unestablished / damaged credit" is fine. But is huge and it does have a bar.