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16 Police Sketches Of Suspects Who Don't Look Human

There are a lot of very frightening people out there, by the looks of it. Most of these via the excellent APILN blog.

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1. Dorset police are looking for someone with the jaw of Fred Flintstone and the cap of a train driver.

Dorset Police / Via

2. This man with incredible hair is wanted by police in Gloucestershire.

3. Have you seen this man with the face of a baby and the hair of Michael Bolton?

Avon and Somerset Police / Via

4. This man with a shower cap and maritime beard is wanted in connection with an attack in Doncaster.

5. Kent police wanted to speak to a blonde woman in 2013 who stole a milk float then crashed it and apparently looked like this. / Kent Police

6. Police in Cambridgeshire were keen to speak to this ninja in connection with a knife attack last year.

7. A man with truly massive hair was sought by police in Salisbury back in 2011.

8. This image of someone wanted for an assault in Ipswich last year bears striking resemblance to an L.S. Lowry self-portrait.

9. As someone remarked in response to this e-fit of a suspected attacker in Livingstone, "Is it Mr No Neck Bighead?" / Police Scotland

10. This bulbous-headed alien was suspected of carrying out distraction burglaries in Reading in 2012.

11. This Lincolnshire man with an unexplained big square head was wanted back in 2013 for indecent exposure. / Lincolnshire Police / Via

12. This burglary suspect looked pleased with himself.

13. Police in Darlington would like to speak to this dissatisfied ghost in connection with an assault last summer.

14. Kent police wanted to speak to Inigo Montoya from The Princess Bride back in 2013.

15. That time police in Wales released this very detailed image of a man they wanted to speak to about a robbery. / Gwent police

16. Hampshire police once put out an e-fit of a man who was half man, half lettuce. / Hampshire Police

But let's not forget, as ridiculous as they look, these police sketches do sometimes work.

Lamar Country Sherrif's Office / Via