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    Police Question Vine Star Jerome Jarre For In-Flight Swimwear Prank

    The Frenchman famous for his anarchic Vines was reportedly detained by police after stripping down to his Speedos during a flight to Miami.

    Jerome Jarre, the star of Vine and Snapchat who just last week claimed to have turned down a $1 million advertising deal, is making waves again for this mid-air prank:

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    In the video, he says he was escorted off the Mexico-to-Miami flight by police upon landing.

    Why? According to the video, he was so bored he felt the flight needed livening up somehow.

    This is what he came up with.

    The passengers seemed to enjoy the prank but apparently the American Airlines flight staff didn't see the funny side. Jarre tweeted this plea to his 885,000 followers:

    PLEASE HELP ME <img src=""><img src=""> TWEET #AmericanAirlinesCHILLOUT & RT PEOPLE!!

    Although he said he had an inflatable duck, it's clearly a turtle.


    Police at Miami-Dade Airport confirmed to the BBC that he was temporarily detained.

    But American Airlines told the BBC that he was not arrested and no charges were brought. "Speedos are just fine on the beach, but no one wants to see them dancing down the aisle at 35,000 feet," the airline said.

    It's not Jarre's first airborne prank – but it is possibly the first one he's had to explain to the police.

    It's just another chapter in Jarre's colourful and well-documented life.