Pokémon Go Is Finally Live In The UK

    Goodbye normal existence, hello wandering around town looking for imaginary monsters.

    After almost a week of suffering with severe FOMO, people in the UK can now officially download and play Pokémon Go, the smash hit smartphone game, after it was launched on app stores on Thursday morning.

    The game, which is based on the Nintendo Game Boy games of the late 90s, involves walking around the real world searching for little monsters hidden in the in-game world, which is overlaid on to a map your character navigates.

    A few Brits had already downloaded it through the US iOS app store and via mirror sites offering the Android version (some with unwanted malware too).

    The game has caused a stir in the United States and Australia, where hundreds of people have congregated in parks and streets to capture rare Pokémon.

    It's also caused a few problems: Someone in the US drove their car into a tree while playing it, while some neighbourhoods in Australia have been inundated with hundreds of Pokéseekers, much to the annoyance of locals.

    Meanwhile, people in the UK are busy catching.

    Looks like #PokemonGo is out in the UK! We're already having fun ✨

    And generally celebrating.

    #PokemonGO IS FINALLY IN THE UK!!! Forget all the awful politics, good has been restored in this here kingdom