11 People Who Can’t Handle Missing Their Valentine’s Interflora Delivery

However bad your Valentines was, spare a thought for the person running the @Interfloweruk Twitter account.

Everyone knows flowers are a safe bet for your loved one on Valentine’s Day. These days, thanks to the interweb, you can even order by 1pm to get them sent out the same day.

However, this year there were a few glitches when it came to Interflora’s delivery service. Let’s just say it wasn’t a romantic evening for whoever runs this Twitter account.

The social media person/people running it were very diligent in getting back to everyone. But hell hath no fury like someone who didn’t get their flowers.

And what do people do these days when they aren’t happy with a service? They go apeshit on Twitter of course.

1. There’s the person who missed out on some exciting sex acts.

2. There’s the person who really had a lot riding on this.

@InterfloraUK I've felt like I've let her down so many times recently and I wanted to show her how amazing she is but you people let me down

— Matt Anderton (@mattanderton7)

3. There’s the person having an existential crisis.

@InterfloraUK ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

— Alex Jiminez (@AlexJiminez2)

4. There’s the guy who didn’t like the bottle of wine.

@interflorauk Hey guys. The roses went down well. The mouldy wine bottle, not so much!

— Ric Furness (@ricfurness)

5. There’s the guy who spent £70 on flowers but will need to spend £100 on headache pills.

@InterfloraUK so that's ꍰ refund on flowers & I think only fair 򣄀 for all the headache pills I'm going to need from the missus ranting

— Paul (@s900nfr)

6. There’s this person who is lacking a sense of perspective.

@InterfloraUK @paulbevans1 I though you were going to deal with me? Fucking liars

— Martin Sharples (@MarvSharps)

The flower experts my fucking arse @InterfloraUK #liars #letdowns #flowers #ValentinesDay

— Martin Sharples (@MarvSharps)

7. There’s comedy writer David Quantick.

@InterfloraUK Hi! You're not going to send me a reply? Or did you deliver it to the wrong address?

— David Quantick (@quantick)

@InterfloraUK Well, like I said, again about three times, the order wasn't delivered to the address. Why else would I be complaining?

— David Quantick (@quantick)

@InterfloraUK, I'm just searching for the flowers you say you've delivered, and I can't find them anywhere. Where have you hidden them?

— David Quantick (@quantick)


@InterfloraUK Surely the whole point is the surprise a recipient gets on receiving. That has been ruined on nearly every order.

— Paul Potts (@paulpottsmusic)

9. There’s this amateur poet.

Roses are red violets are blue don't use @InterfloraUK because they don't deliver to you.

— paul Evans (@paulbevans1)

Things were hotting up by this point.

The @InterfloraUK feed is apologising every 2.5 mins (give or take).

— Josh Feldberg (@JoshFeldberg)

10. There’s no pleasing some people - even folks who did get flowers wanted correct spelling too.

That's an interesting way to spell fiancພ @InterfloraUK and to top it off broken stem and one measley sprig of gyps

— Cami (@blondie_cami)

11. Some people did receive flowers, just not from Interflora.

@InterfloraUK #selfiewithflowers love him for the thought!

— FIONA BARNES (@funky_fifi)

In the interest of balance, not everyone was disappointed - look at this satisfied customer.

@InterfloraUK here is mine #selfiewithflowers

— Hannah Igoe (@h_igoe)

And this one.

Absolutely seamless service from @InterfloraUK - faultless, from ordering, tracking then delivery #M&SCouldNotDoNextDay

— Nick Carnie (@njc161)

But really, it is important to look at the big picture.

Sorry people but if @InterfloraUK not delivering flowers destroyed your relationship or devastated your partner things weren't going great

— DiaryofaFirstChild (@Luschkavo)

Update 5.45 pm: Interflora sent us this statement about the deliveries:

At Interflora, we deliver millions of bouquets a year with the vast majority delivered on time to the delight of our customers. As one of our biggest days of the year, when we deliver over a million flowers, Valentine’s Day has seen some queries and complaints regarding orders. While it is a small number of the overall volume of orders, we do take each and every enquiry very seriously.

We have a very dedicated and hard-working customer support team who are working with our customers to put things right, according to our Interflora Promise. We apologise to the customers affected and will ensure that all queries are dealt with as soon as possible.

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