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    21 People Who Should Be Banned From Halloween Forever

    They see the line, and then they cross it.

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    1. There were a few pictures posted to Twitter and Instagram of people dressed in hazmat suits, tagged #ebola.

    2. Quite a lot of these actually.

    3. Or scary zombie faces, also tagged #ebola.

    4. And even ebola Barbie and Ken.

    5. This guy went as Jimmy Saville.

    6. Rolf Harris hanging out with a terrorist apparently.

    7. And Rolf Harris hanging out with little red riding hood.

    8. This guy went as Oscar Pistorious.

    9. And this guy went as his bathroom door.

    10. Quite a lot of people went as ISIS.

    11. In fact there were no shortage of people dressed as ISIS.

    12. These people came as ebola cereal with added ISIS.

    13. This guy went as convicted terrorist Abu Hamza al-Masri.

    14. This guy went as a post suicide Kurt Cobain.

    15. And Robin Williams.

    16. There was Ray Rice and Janay.

    17. These people went as Malaysian airline pilots.

    18. This guy went as a driver picking up a Malaysia Airlines passenger.

    Limo driver waiting for Malaysia Airlines 370. #halloween #costumes

    Dan Berger@danbergerFollow

    Limo driver waiting for Malaysia Airlines 370. #halloween #costumes

    9:51 PM - 01 Nov 14ReplyRetweetFavorite

    19. Plus, there was this pumpkin.

    20. And this one.

    21. And this one.

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