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    Jan 30, 2014

    People Are Making Some Alarming And Wonderful Things With This LEGO Game

    Google has built a Chrome plugin that lets you build LEGO and you never run out of bricks. And you can build crude-looking body parts.

    There's a new plugin for Chrome that let's you build LEGO bricks anywhere on a world map. It's quite fun and your finished masterpiece is then preserved on a map for all to see.

    Some people have been taking it very seriously.

    As in, far too seriously.

    There's an Eiffel Tower in Paris (and the famous Giant Paris Penguin).

    The Doctor has left his Tardis somewhere near Bank Station in London.

    There's an interesting, shall we say, attempt at the Houses of Parliament at Westminster.

    At Salford Quays, the BBC has shown that its multiplatform strategy even extends to making LEGO shapes on a silly Chrome browser plugin.

    Someone has re-built the World Trade Centre towers in New York City.

    Mario makes an appearance.

    It is affecting some people's concentration.

    But, as ever with these things, it doesn't take long for someone to draw a penis.

    In fact, several penises, of varying anatomical correctness and detail.

    In Moscow, there's a confusing mixture of penises, some veiny, and political sloganeering.

    But in the end, this person perfectly sums it up.

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