Lots Of People Don't Quite Understand The John Lewis Christmas Advert

    It stars a cute monster who lives under the bed. And for some it is not heartwarming enough.

    The John Lewis Christmas ad has become a bit of a tradition. This year's, released on Friday morning, centres on the heartwarming relationship between a cute little boy (played by 7-year-old twins Ethan and Tobias) and a big monster that lives under his bed. #Awwww

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    As usual, some people totally lost it.

    Just seen the new John Lewis ad! I'm not crying, honest! #MozTheMonster

    I'm not crying you're crying #MozTheMonster @johnlewisretail

    But others, er, didn't.

    John Lewis advert...I'm either half asleep or dim but I don't get it #Mozthemonster

    Even hungover people.

    Just watched the John Lewis ad in my hungover state and I didn't cry. Am now questioning myself. #MozTheMonster

    What a disappointment, for me, @johnlewisretailhit it every year. But this year the story doesn't make sense and I… https://t.co/Re3PvDRQ3t

    Christmas is cancelled this year. The John Lewis advert didn't make me cry. #MozTheMonster

    This is in itself has become a minor British festive tradition.

    The amount of fully grown adults bitterly disappointed that a tv ad didn’t make them cry. #MozTheMonster is adorable.

    Some didn't quite get the subtle plot of the ad, which reportedly cost £7 million to make.

    @AuthorDanJones @guardian the monster isn't real, boy can't sleep as scared of the dark so creates an imaginary fri… https://t.co/TAG4FT2kZi

    More than a few spotted the ad's similarity to the Pixar classic Monsters, Inc.

    So the #JohnLewis Christmas advert? Anyone else thinking 'we've got a 23-19' the whole way through? #MozTheMonster

    And after the #MozTheMonster hashtag started trending on Twitter, a lot of people assumed the king of '80s bedsit melancholy had done something wrong.

    Saw #MozTheMonster trending and wondered what he’d done this time

    Moz (climbing out from under the bed): "I've got you a present" Cute kid: "Oh wow!" Moz: "I've replaced the turkey… https://t.co/lRFcJcgCQE

    Meanwhile, spare a thought at this time of year for Twitter's @JohnLewis, who has nothing to do with the shop. For him, it's going to be a long six weeks.

    In an act of Christmas mercy, John Lewis decides to change their name to the Buy Stuff Here store. #guessthejohnlewisad

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