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    20 Hilariously Terrible Corporate Websites

    Anyone know any good web designers?

    1. Arvanitakis, a water treatment services company in Greece, whose site features a centurion with a flaming sword.

    "When you are in troubles, for the protection of your systems, we have the solution for you."

    The site also has this reassuring message: "Survive is personal duty. But don't panic. There is solution. We are here to help you."

    2. Patimex, a Polish charcoal company whose mascot is a devil frying a sausage (and himself apparently).

    3. Game of Thrones author George R. R.Martin's site (until it got all fancy last year).

    4. The Hunger Games author Suzanne Collins.

    5. The homepage for The Neighbors, the much anticipated sitcom from Tommy Wiseau, who made The Room.

    In case you've not seen it, The Room is one of the worst/best films ever made.

    6. Superior Web Solutions.

    Holy spinning logo Batman!

    7. Car dealership, with its very unique URL.

    8. Electrifying Times: scrolling GIFs, flashing words, plus extra points for a spinning @ sign.

    9., a horse-based business in Tennessee.

    10. Juice company Penny Juice.

    11. The official website for Space Jam, in all its 1996 glory.

    12. Yale School of Art. As in, the actual Yale University. / Via

    "This website is the continuously evolving effort," according to the About section.

    Chillingly, this is what the Yale School of Art website used to look like, pre-2010.

    13., the official website of jazz musician Thelonious Monk.

    14. Bobdul Johnson, Attorney at Law.

    Fun fact: this lawyer is a keen Redditor and took part in an Ask Me Anything session explaining the site.

    15. Whatever the hell is happening on this German man's site.

    16. The site that allowed this guy to write his own job description.

    17. This brain-melting Norwegian e-commerce site.

    18. Everything that appears on Sexyexecs, which brings together all the hot male execs in one place – including a desktop calendar.

    19. This car rental site, which scores highly on the annoying music AND eye-strain counts.

    20. And, which pretty much sums it up.