Not Everyone Is Happy About The Sun’s “This Is Our England” Front Page

The Sun is today delivering a special edition to 22 million homes. There have been some creative responses.

1. This is the front page of The Sun’s special edition, delivered for free across the country. You might get one in the post today or tomorrow.

2. To mark the start of the World Cup tonight, the paper is full of patriotic verve and its cover features 118 English personalities. And a Teletubby. The paper says:

Launched as a glorious fanfare to the World Cup, our 24-page special edition is an unapologetic celebration of England — and what it means to be English in our culture and our history, and in our blood and our bones.

This special edition is all you need to get your heart pumping in anticipation of Brazil 2014 — and guaranteed to make you proud.

3. Here’s what’s in it.

4. And it took precisely “not very long” for people to start taking the piss.

6. Some questioned the choice of stars included in the Peter Blake-style montage, such as Peppa Pig. And Danny Dyer.

Good to see Danny Dyer included in The Sun's 'This is our England' pullout. He really epitomises everything that is good about this country

— Ed Aarons (@ed_aarons)

@aljwhite @psmith @MrDDyer makes me wanna join al-Qaeda

— Thundercock (@WolandYutani)

8. Some people made their feelings clear.

Thank you, Mr Postman.

— Nick Harvey (@mrnickharvey)

9. Others said the paper was destined for the cat litter tray.

Looking forward to receiving my free copy of @thesun. As is my cat, who will now have something new in her litter tray.

— Private Frazer (@privatefrazer)

Free copy of The Sun arrives. Decide to stop house training the puppy for the meantime.

— Dave Harte (@daveharte)

11. People thought that Scottish tennis star Andy Murray was on it, but it was the thoroughly English Keith Richards.

Some thought they'd spotted (the Scottish) Andy Murray on our 'This Is Our England' edition. It's Keith Richards!

— The Sun (@TheSunNewspaper)

12. It appears that Nigel Farage is balancing a pint glass on Morrissey’s head.

The Sun / News UK

13. Then the 8th Doctor sounded his disapproval.

Just had a free copy of the S** delivered by our presumably patriotic postie. Ashamed I'd not stopped him. What should I do with it?

— Paul McGann (@pauljmcgann)

14. Only to be consoled by the 6th.

@pauljmcgann I got one too. It fits perfectly under the cat litter (we have new kittens)

— Colin Baker (@SawbonesHex)

15. This isn’t the first time The Sun has produced a patriotic – and, for some, baffling – front page.

The Sun / News UK

16. And that wasn’t safe from parodies either.

Okay, we've finished Sunday's cover - tell us what you think…

— The Sunday People (@thesundaypeople)

Bold. RT: ‏@TheSunNewspaper Where we stand. A Sun mission statement.. and an amazing cover #thisisourbritain

— 40% Prufrock (@BryceElder)

18. There is a campaign encouraging people to send their copy back to Wapping.

20 million copies of the Sun are in the post - wonder how many will go straight back? #PostBackTheSun

— Post back The Sun (@PostTheSunBack)

19. Notices like this are going up on front doors in Liverpool, where The Sun hasn’t sold well, if at all, since it angered the entire city with its reporting of the Hillsborough disaster.

More pics of people all over country saying no thanks to The Sun as Mersey posties stand firm

— Liverpool Echo (@LivEchonews)

Runcorn posties become latest on Merseyside to refuse to deliver The Sun #Hillsborough

— Liverpool Echo (@LivEchonews)

21. The Liverpool Echo (owned by Trinity Mirror, rival to The Sun’s parent company News UK) even starred out the paper’s name today.

I love that the Liverpool Echo has asterisked out The Sun's name on their front page (via @davidbartlett1)

— Elena Cresci (@elenacresci)

22. Postal staff in St Helens, Runcorn and Ellesmere Port are joining workers in Skelmersdale in refusing to deliver the special edition.

These copies of the sun got left, didn't touch em #JFT96

— LFC 4 ME (@MarlieBoy76)

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Patrick Smith is a senior reporter for BuzzFeed News and is based in London.
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