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Just 15 Tweets Taking The Piss Out Of Amber Rudd's Attack On WhatsApp

The home secretary displayed a loose grasp of messaging technology in an interview on Sunday, according to some critics.

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So Amber Rudd, the home secretary, went on the Andrew Marr show on Sunday to say that WhatsApp, the globe-conquering messaging service, should hand over the final messages of Khalid Masood, the Westminster terror attacker.

WhatsApp's 'end to end' encryption is "absolutely unacceptable...there should be no place for terrorists to hide" s…

She said organisations like WhatsApp shouldn't provide a "secret place for terrorists to hide". She also used the phrase "necessary hashtags". It didn't go down very well.


*extremely politician voice* "Steam open the WhatsApp. It is like a guestbook made of air...for ISIS"


"We must open The WhatsApp so terrorists can't hide in The Apple but dw guys, we don't want to go into The Cloud" -…


There is a very real risk that Phillip Davies will discover Tumblr this week


This is dire. Rudd's thinking "Oh god, please stop asking about The Apple and The WhatsApp. All I know is terrorist…

5. Some asked what a necessary hashtag was and what we should be doing with them.

War on Terror latest: #NecessaryHashtag


Who lets politicians be in charge of important national decisions without the #necessaryhashtag training?


Where did I put my #NecessaryHashtag? I can't get by without it



I'm going to start using Amber Rudd language to diss people. "You wanna get tough with me, punk? You ain't got the necessary hashtags."

10. It reminded more than one person of something from the political satire The Thick of It.

All this #necessaryhashtag and going into the cloud talk from Amber Rudd is reminding me of "I call App Britain"

11. Lots of people were keeping Rudd informed of their movements, just in case.

@AmberRudd_MP Just off to have a diary liaison with my wife - just keeping you informed. #necessaryhashtag is #naive.


Twitter I'm just letting Amber Rudd know I'm off out to the shops.....I don't have WhatsApp and didn't want her to worry. #necessaryhashtags


Show your support for Amber Rudd by sending her your house key. But don't tell her your address.

14. Whereas others just pointed out that the vast majority of WhatsApp messages are very dull.

Imagine MI5 monitoring Arabic chats on WhatsApp and trying to figure out the secret code we use to talk about relatives we don't like.

15. Plus, it turns out Rudd herself is a WhatsApp user. No word on whether she's a fan of group chat banter.

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